Activists Blockade Driveway of Kolter Group CEO


In the early morning hours of Thursday, June 18th, anonymous individuals aided recently evicted Gopher Tortoises from the Briger Forest by blockading the driveway leading to the beach front mansion of Bobby Julien, CEO of Kolter Group.  Kolter Group, who purchased the bid to develop the Briger Forest, began destruction of the forest last fall.  Activists and tortoises wanted to bring the destruction of the tortoises’ home directly to the front door of Kolter Group, showing them a little taste of what the inhabitants of the Briger Forest now face on a daily basis.

“We did this on a work day in the hopes of preventing the further destruction of the Forest  we live in,” said one tortoise.  Another tortoise was heard saying, “We wanted to bring their destruction of our homes to their doorsteps.  We want them to know that if they destroy our homes, we will blockade theirs!”  In a cruel twist of fate Kolter plans to turn the Briger tract, home of at least 13 federally and/or state listed species, into a biotech city which will include an animal testing facility owned by The Scripps Research Institute, office space for biotech corporations, strip malls, and Alton Homes, a wealthy suburban sprawl full of condos, manicured lawns, and hotels; all things that we feel Florida could stand to have much less of.  We would, however, like to see the Briger forest, the largest unprotected and undeveloped forest east of I-95, remain a forest.  Stop the destruction, save the Briger!

For the Wyld, for the Free
-Gopher Tortoises and some anonymous individuals

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