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This page is a glimpse of the media attention gained by the direct actions and organizing against Scripps Biotech. It also includes photos from the Briger Forest. If you have a news link that you think should be up here, please send it over to evergladesearthfirst [at]


Sun Sentinel September 21st 2013 By Nancy smith

The Fire Ant June 14, 2013 by The Fire Ant

Climate Connections Feb 26th 2013 from the EF! Newsire

The Fire Ant Jan 18th 2013 by the Fire Ant

WMNF 88.5 Community Radio, April, 8, 2011 By Kelly Benjamin

Ch 12, April, April 1, 2011

Ch 12, March 23, 2011, March 22, 2011

New Times, Feb 17 2011

Ch 12, Feb 14, 2011

WPTV, Ch 5, Feb 14, 2011

Palm Beach Post, April 2, 2010 By Bill DiPaolo

New Times, April 1, 2010  By Gail Shepherd

Orlando Sentinel, January 4, 2004 By By Stephen Deere and Cadence Mertz (from Scripps at Mecca)

PB Post, Jan 8, 2010 By B. DiPaolo

The images of cut trees are from both the initial tree sit location along I-95 and along Donald Ross Road. Ring counts estimate the trees at 50-70 years old. At the time of being cut, a banner was still being displayed. Rather than cut the banner down, multiple trees were felled, seemingly in retaliation for the attention brought to the development plan. These were some of the largest trees on the property, and were in an area listed as a “preserve” in the approved development plan. The site was still in use by those occupying the Briger forest. Around the same time (3/15/2011), a tree sitter at the Donald Ross site was threatened by a person claiming to be ‘the owner’ of the property, saying that he could cut trees wherever and whenever he wanted. A week later this site was also cut and two tree sitters arrested. We mourn the unnecessary loss of these trees.

“The disregard shown by this act leaves us concerned about the fate of tree sitters and endangered species in the forest, but our commitment to defend this forest has only grown stronger.” —an anonymous tree sitter of Briger Forest

Platform that treesitters were living on was smashed when trees were cut.
FAU Alumni Rachel Kijewski sits high next to the banner in a tree that was cut.
A photo taken from the traverse line in the tree sit near I-95.

This image shows the trees before they were cut down by the Palm Beach Gardens Police, apparently as a favor to the property owner.
A sun rise over Briger on the Spring Equinox, seen from the canopy the day before the Palm Beach Gardens Police cut this tree sit down.
A view looking south from the tree sit along Donald Ross Road in Briger forest. All this land is the first slated for destruction by Scripps Biotech and the Palm Beach County Commission.
A view north from tree sit, into the now-forclosed Abacoa Town Center.
A closer zoomed-in view to the north from the tree sit. This entire wasteland of golf courses, chain stores and corporate offices comprises the Abacoa Town Center, which went to a forclosure auction in January 2011 (the building seen above is the Wackenhut/G4S headquarters). This is what the developers want to the south.
This stump is from a tree that held a large banner that read “Help us Save This Forest” and traverse line, where tree sitters could travers out and come to speak with passersby and supporters on the side walk.
The stump of a tree cut by Palm Beach Gardens Police, after arresting tree sitters.
The stump of a tree which housed tree sitters along Donald Ross Road, beginning March 14, 2011.
A re-appropriated banner (from the anti-Hometown Democracy campaign) celebrated the 3 week mark of the canopy occupation in Briger.
Rabble from the Earth First! Winter Rendezvous voice opposition to the Scripps Biotech plan
More corporate welfare biotech labs paving over our forests?! No thanks…

Palm Beach Gardens Police block access to public sidewalk at City Hall.
This is a banner which was confiscated by the Palm Beach Gardens Police, who later accused activists of “illegal signage”. Doesn’t sound very constitutional… The banner reads: “Scripps got $579 of our taxes, We get budget cuts and lay offs.”
Arbor Day Protest-1


Planning Process and Documents on Project:
Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council – Scripps Florida Phase II/Briger Tract
Development of Regional Impact (DRI)

City of Palm Beach Gardens – Briger DRI Submittal -Scripps Florida- Phase II

Aerial Photo w/ Wetlands and Sensitive species found by the consultants hired by Scripps

Department of Army Environmental Assessment 404(b)(1) guidelines Evaluation


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