Charges Dropped for 2 More Earth First!ers in Briger Case

Last Wednesday, September 7th, the trespassing charges against Russell McSpadden and Rachel Kijewski were dropped. Rachel and Russell were served with court papers back in May for starting the tree sit in the Briger Forest.  The state failed to find sufficient evidence to charge the two defendants, so the case was nolle prossed.

Ana Rodriguez and Panagioti Tsolkas, are the final two with pending trespass charges, which at this point with four out of six cases dropped, looks hopeful for them.  Both Ana, Russell and Rachel were offered initial pleas of pre-trial intervention consisting of a psych evaluation with mandatory taking of any medication prescribed, 3 months restraining order of the property, 3 months without any arrests, court costs plus attorney fees, 40 hrs, of community service for Rachel and 10 days jail time and 6 months probation for Russell.

The city of Palm Beach Gardens should stop trying to silence the activists against this project and revisit the concerns raised in each permit  that has been approved for the project.  To get a critical analysis of the Environmental Resource Permit approved by South Florida Water Management visit this link.  To access concerns raised to the Army Corps of Engineers regarding the Biological Opinion released by Fish and Wildlife Services to approve their 404 Clean Water Act Permit, click here.