Resources & Links

Everglades Earth First! – EEF! is a non-hierarchical direct action group dedicated to the defense of the remaining wild lands of the Everglades bioregion.

Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition – Announcements, rants and meeting notes from the northeast Everglades bioregion.

Fund For Wild Nature– – Investing in feisty grassroots action since 1982.

South Florida Wildlands Association – Committed to aggressively defending what remains of our planet’s most unique natural areas.

Loxahatchee Sierra Club – Working together to protect our communities and planet.

Global Justice Ecology Project – Taking action to address the common root causes of social injustice, economic domination and environmental destruction.

Campaign to Stop Genetically Engineered Trees – Working with forest-dependent communities, activists and organizations to protect native forests from the threats posed by the release of genetically engineered trees into the environment.

Earth First! Journal and Newswire – Media from the frontlines of ecological resistance.


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