Everglades Earth First

Scripps treesit sweet pic

Earth First! is an international movement of biocentric, no-compromise, direct action in defense of the wild.

Everglades Earth First! (EEF!) formed in 2004, joining with residents of the Acreage and Loxahatchee who wanted to fight the Scripps plant from being built in their community, on Mecca Farms, neighboring the J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area. Other environmental groups came on board as well.

EEF! joined with the Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition (PBCEC) hosting dozens of protests, some of which resulted in dozens of high-profile civil disobedience arrests and even a public trial represented by ACLU attorney Jim Green. Groups such as the Sierra Club, Florida Wildlife Federation, 1000 Friends of Florida and Everglades Law Center filed multiple lawsuits, the Mecca project was sunk. Judge Middlebrooks found the federal permits in violation of NEPA.

Unfortunately, this broad alliance did not stay intact. The victory left some groups feeling their hands were tied to oppose future Scripps plans, although there was no formal settlement or agreement.

As a result, the destruction of this endangered species habitat in a native forest ecosystem on Briger has not captured the same support from other compromise-oriented groups … yet.

But the tree sit seems to have re-inspired some, namely the Loxahatchee Sierra Club group, which has recently stated that they did not intend for their negotiation to require their silence on impacts to endangered species and would support a renewed legal battle to defend these species.


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