Rally Against Deforestation and Vivisection at Scripps Biotech on FAU

When: Friday, June 22nd, from 3pm to 6pm

Where: from I-95, Exit 83 (Donald Ross Road). The address is 130th Scripps Way Jupiter, FL. , in front of the Scripps facilities, adjacent to the Florida Atlantic University campus.

The March will be 5pm-6pm, marching out 3/4 mile from the Scripps facilities and ending at the intersection of Donald Ross Road and Parkside Drive in front of Briger Forest.

(Note: parking will be limited. Try parking in visitor parking on campus.)

Why: Scripps Biotech, FAU, and the Palm Beach Gardens City Gov. are all colluding in an attempt to expand Scripps operations onto the Briger Forest, a 600+acre pine flat-woods/wetland mosaic ecosystem.

Doing so would lay waste to this irreplaceable tact of land, unique in being the last undeveloped piece of its size east of I-95 in the whole of Southeast Florida. The Briger Forest is home to dozens of endangered flora and fauna including gopher tortoises, nesting bald eagles, osprey, and indigo snakes. The planned development will be replacing it instead with unwarranted, empty commercial and residential real state, and vivariums for live animal experimentation. This will allow for the continuation of Scripp’s ruthless vivisection practices of poisoning, maiming, and killing hundreds if not thousands of primates and other species in its research projects.

Come join the local grassroots movement against vivisection, against deforestation, against genetic engineering! Let us defend our air and our drinking water; defend the trees and all the other wildlife that call the Briger Forest home! Let us resist and raise our voices for all our non-human brethren enslaved behind bars in cold vivisection labs!

Scripps Biotech out of our Community now!

What to bring: Signs, banners (examples, “Protect our Wildlands,””No Scripps on Briger Tract,” “FAU Stop Supporting Vivisection,” “Florida Biotech Wasteland,” “Biotech isn’t Safe”), drinking water, rain gear, change for parking meters, and a healthy disrespect for the status-quo.

For More Info on the event or rides call 561 541 7049

For a short video on Scripps Biotech click here


2 thoughts on “Rally Against Deforestation and Vivisection at Scripps Biotech on FAU

  1. We need to stop this. I’m sick and tired of the Scripps on Donald Ross, and I really don’t want another one. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE. SCRIPPS DOES “ANIMAL EXPEIRIMENTATION” ON MONKEYS, RABBITS, CATS, DOGS, and many more! WE CAN STOP THEM!

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