Resources & Links

Fund For Wild Nature-Investing In Feisty Grassroots Action since 1982

Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition- Announcements, Rants, meeting notes from the northeast Everglades bioregion.

South Florida Wildlands Association- Committed to Aggressively Defending What remains of our planets most unique natural areas.

Loxahatchee Sierra Club- Working Together to protect our communities and planet.

Global Justice Ecology Project- Taking action to address the common root causes of social injustice, economic domination & environmental destruction.

Campaign to Stop Genetically Engineered Trees (campaign of GJEP)

The goal of the Campaign to STOP GE Trees is to work with forest dependent communities, activists and organizations to protect native forests from the uncontrollable and irreversible threats posed by the release of genetically engineered trees (GE trees or GM trees) into the environment.

Earth First! Journal and Newswire- Media from the Frontlines of Ecological Resistance


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