Genetic Engineering & Biotech


Are there better Biotech companies that could help Florida’s economy?
No. We feel that biotechnology must be attacked as a matter of principle, as it poses a threat that could radically transform fundamental human values which have existed for thousands of years. It threatens to pollute the very DNA fabric of life. And it puts far too much power in the hands of the economic/social system that is destroying the planet and subjugating people around the world.

This system is dependent on the instrumental role it expects the biotech industry to play in its future. It is for this reason also that we are committed to stopping the expansion of Scripps. We intend to defend Briger forest, and we also seek to strike a blow at the biotech industry and the entire civilization that is killing us for profit and control.

Genetic Engineering is a technology that enables scientists to create plants, animals and other organisms that would not occur naturally by manipulating genes.

There are concerns that genetically engineered food could cause allergic or toxic reactions in people and harm the environment. Many processed foods in the U.S. contain genetically engineered ingredients.

Scripps, like most biotechnology companies, is actively involved in genetic engineering.

Scripps scientists use genetic engineering to create new animals to be used as “disease models” in research. Scripps scientists are also working to create genetically engineered, or “transgenic,” animals to be used as a source of organs and tissues for transplantation.

Inserting or removing genes from an animal’s genetic makeup is unpredictable, and can have disastrous consequences for the animals involved.

The creation of genetically engineered animals is also incredibly wasteful. Only a small percentage of animals in experiments are “successfully” born with the foreign genetic material; those who do not have the desired traits are killed.

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