Donate and Support

Your donation will help Everglades Earth First! and the Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition in their battle to save the Briger Forest and stop the proposed Scripps Phase II Biotech City. We are fundraising hard to raise legal funds to challenge state and federal institutions in the courts. Your funds also contribute to helping us provide presentations on the Briger Forest & Scripps, the Everglades Bioregion, and contribute towards protests and legal defense. We are also funding marketing materials for the campaign.

Sign our online Petition to Save the Briger Forest and Scrap Scripps Phase II

Contact officials and voice your support to protect the Briger Forest

Palm Beach Gardens City Council:
Joseph Russo

Palm Beach County Commissioner:
District 1
Hal Valeche
(561) 355-2201

4 thoughts on “Donate and Support

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  2. My name is Linda Nguyen, I am a senior at Jupiter High School. I am a student in the Jupiter Environmental Research and Field Studies Academy. I drove home today and witnessed the protest happening today (March 14th). It made a huge impact on me because I have never seen a protest in person before. I am against the further destruction of our precious lands. My friends are currently on their way to pick me up and we will be headed to the protest, even though there is only less than 10 minutes left of it. We want to support everyone and all their efforts to stop this unnecessary destruction.

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