The Briger Tract is a mixed public and privately owned site currently used for horse-riding and recreation. In it’s current state it is a uncommonly large and valuable piece of habitat in the eastern corridor of sprawling south Florida.

Here are some questions we want answered:

How much more will Scripps cost taxpayers?
Scripps Biotech has already wasted over $500 million and was responsible for 33% of the tax increase in 2009.

Will Scripps further impact the local real estate economy?
The housing market is flooded, foreclosures are on the rise, businesses are struggling. New development only worsens this.

What toxic and dangerous materials will Scripps be bringing into our community?
They won’t tell us, but based on other facilities and the work being done, likely possibilities include biological weapons such as anthrax, and infectious diseases such as mad cow disease.

What sort of animal testing will they be doing?
While Scripps has already been found in violation of animal welfare laws in California, they are refusing to explain any details.

Why are Threatened and Endangered species being ignored for Scripps development?
The Scripps development application is missing crucial information on species present on this site which are facing extinction.

How many more elected officials will be incarcerated in Palm Beach County?
Three of the seven County Commissioners who voted in favor of the failed attempt to force Scripps on Mecca Farms are in federal prison for development-related corruption.

One thought on “About

  1. The Briger Tract Forest is such a beautiful piece of land, I can’t believe that it’s possible that one day there will be an ugly, money leaching Scripps Biotech facility there. Too bad we missed the protest…what else can we do!?

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