Help Preserve Briger Forest in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

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This ecosystem, which include pine flatwoods, wetlands and scrub, is one of
the last of it’s kind in our area. This forest, which is a mix of public
and privately owned land, is the future site of the new Scripps Phase II
Biotech City. We are asking that they preserve this living forest for
educational and recreational use for the generations to come. We do not
want more urban sprawl, we do not want an animal testing facility, we do
not want genetic engineering for corporate profit, and we do not want
hazardous waste in our communities…

We Want This Forest Preserved!

In it’s current state The Briger Tract is a uncommonly large and valuable
piece of habitat in the eastern corridor of overdeveloped South Florida.
This forest is the home to many species under threat of extinction,
including gopher tortoise, indigo snake, and hand fern. Protection for
these species is missing from the Scripps Phase II development plan.


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The Palm Beach County’s Department of Environmental Resource Management (ERM) had previously recognized Briger as a property worthy of protection and listed it as a priority for acquisition into the County’s Natural Areas program. The County is now partial owner of 70 acres on the property, directly across from the FAU Jupiter Honors College campus. A small portion of this area could be used as a public pedestrian entrance to the forest as an educational area for environmental study of the this endangered species habitat, allowing the partnership with FAU and the County to continue where the Scripps plan is left off.

The private land, which may likely be beyond the County’s budget to purchase, could be offered Conservation Easements to ensure its protection in perpetuity. This would also allow the horse stalls on the south end to continue using the existing trails and providing a source of revenue for the landowners. This is one version of a possible, workable alternative. There may be others, but first we must take Scripps off the table to move forward.

This is what we stand to loose. If you notice that this land is surrounded by sprawl.

This is what we stand to loose. If you notice that this land is surrounded by sprawl.

Briger Tract is 683 acres

Acres designated for Scripps spinoffs

1.6 million
Square feet planned for Scripps office and biotech research

2.4 million
Square feet planned for spinoff office and biotech research

Square feet planned for commercial/retail/office

Residential units

Scripps Phase II- The Biotech City

Although Scripps has not came out publicly with how exactly it will use it’s facility, based on what we know from their other facilities the new facility will likely include biological weapons such as anthrax, infectious diseases like mad cow disease. This will also be an animal testing site and Scripps has been found in violation of animal welfare laws in California at their La Jolla facility. Scripps and bio-tech companies are also very involved in genetic engineering and genetic modifications of our food, our DNA, and other GMO experiments.

The Scripps Story is one of corruption and exploitation. Scripps has left out the crucial information of the endangered species present in the Briger Tract in their development plan because they know that it will slow them down. Three of the seven County Commissioners who voted in favor of Scripps on Mecca Farms are in federal prison for development related corruption.





One thought on “Help Preserve Briger Forest in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

  1. The Briger Tract Forest is such a beautiful piece of land, I can’t believe that it’s possible that one day there will be an ugly, money leaching Scripps Biotech facility there. Too bad we missed the protest…what else can we do!?

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