Help Preserve Briger Forest in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

681 acres of pine flatwood forest are set to be destroyed to make way for a “Biotech City” — don’t let this happen in our backyard!

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In its current state, the Briger Forest is an uncommonly large and valuable piece of habitat, boasting an ecosystem that is the last of its kind in this area. It is the home to several species under threat of extinction, including the gopher tortoise and hand fern.

However, after much controversy, the Scripps Research Institute is looking to fulfill their dream of a commercial/residential offshoot of their facility on Florida Atlantic University’s FAU campus— by bulldozing one of the largest tracts of intact forest remaining in southeastern Florida.

We Want This Forest Preserved!

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We are beyond the point of compromising even one inch of nature to corporate greed — that’s why it’s time to say:

Currently, a petition has been filed by the Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition charging that the district has failed to assure (1) adequate measures to protect the Eastern Indigo Snake and other species living in the Briger and (2) a hazardous waste management plan sufficient to protect residents of the proposed housing, as well as to prevent pollution of the Intracoastal Waterway.

The Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition, Everglades Earth First! and local residents have been holding protests at various sites related to the project. Contact if you would like to get involved!

One thought on “Help Preserve Briger Forest in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

  1. The Briger Tract Forest is such a beautiful piece of land, I can’t believe that it’s possible that one day there will be an ugly, money leaching Scripps Biotech facility there. Too bad we missed the protest…what else can we do!?

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